A TALL order…

Angela Hanks and Blackboard are in need!

We’re producing Angela’s plays and everything was decided very quickly – so we’re doing what we can to help…

Kickstarter.com is what we are using to raise the funds – $4,000.00 that we need by next week!

If we don’t reach our goal, then all of the money we have raised goes out the window – Nada – nothing… we don’t get jack!  (I think you’ve got it)

So… if you feel it in your hearts to donate to our first solo production, we would be forever indebted.

If you can’t donate, but forward to people who can or announce to any of your mailing lists – we thank you and appreciate your support!

the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackboardplays/gimme-five-for-high-five

GIMME FIVE FOR high five !

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