March 2011 Community Night – A lot of New Faces

I love Community Nights!

I get butterflies in my stomach, wondering who might walk through the door and what work might be shown.  Monday, March 14th was no different!  3 New playwrights!  New Actors and 1hour and a half of reading and discussing new work!   If that’s not successful, I don’t know what is!

Jason’s reflection on Hurricane Katrina brought a lot of feedback.

Tom also took us back to the south, but nearly 40 years earlier, leaving us all wanting more!

Wilette ended the night on a light note, with girlfriends gabbing overing men at a birthday celebration!  We were truly in stitches!

We ended the evening exchanging business cards, contact information, headshots and a group photo for some.



  1. RVCBard

    It was a really interesting lineup for community night. Depending on when the next one is, I may have pages for a new piece by then. But I might still be busy with Tulpa, or Anne&Me (check out our IndieGoGo campaign here – really proud of text and pic I did!).

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