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We are pleased to share that we have joined Patreon, a unique crowdfunding platform for artists who are consistently creating to obtain consistent support from their fans and supporters!

Over the last 8 years, the most we have really asked for is $10 at the door, a suggested donation that keeps us minimally afloat.  We have brought you monthly features and community nights and now because of a generous donation we were able to upgrade our website.

But there's more....

  1. A Podcast: Playwright Conversations
  2. Day Retreats for Writer-Parents with Childcare
  3. Monthly Readings: Blackboard @ the cell

Over the past couple months, we have been working hard to get a few other programs in place and your monthly support on patreon will helps us continue our monthly series @ the cell where we hope (with your support) to be able to offer the actors, directors and playwrights who give their time, a little something in return.

Our podcast is one of the most exciting because we will be able to bring WHO has graced our series into your earbuds... or car 😉  With 3 episodes recorded, a little editing is required and that's where you come in!

... and your support on Patreon will not go unrecognized...


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