20120605-203510.jpgWe are looking for new work by Black Playwrights throughout the African Diaspora that tell stories of the Black experience.

Why Blackboard: With a home in Manhattan’s Chelsea, your featured reading will be in a gorgeous townhouse setting, Nancy Manocherian’s the cell, complete with a mini reception and followed by a 20 minute talk-back.  Additionally, we will record a podcast interview with you.

Please fill out the form before below and upload 10 pages.

Blackboard Play Submissions
Thank You for your interest in Blackboard Plays, devoted to the stories of Black Playwrights throughout the African Diaspora. Answer the questions below, upload your play and the donate the optional submission fee.

We will contact you regarding your submission within 1 month.

A Note: PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT 10 PAGES of dialogue that best represents your play. You will also be submitting a synopsis so we will know what the entire play is about. If interested in moving forward, we will request the entire script.

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We will contact you if we are interested in the entire script or scheduling a Feature Reading of your play.

Optional Reading and Submission Fee: $5.00
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Please note that this is not a mandatory fee.   Our main goal is to read your play and feature your work, but as we are a fiscally sponsored project, every donation helps us with creating the best experience to showcase your work.  Whether you give or not does not affect our decision regarding your play.

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Best of Luck!