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Over the last 14 years, the most we have really asked for is $10 at the door, a suggested donation that keept us minimally afloat.  We brought you monthly features and community nights and because of a generous donation we were able to upgrade our website a couple years ago.

When we began our journey on patreon in 2016, we were focused on a Podcast, A Day Retreat for Writer-Parents and of course, the Monthly Reading Series.

Now in 2022, our goals are fairly similar and it is beautiful to see the evolution from Day Retreats to #BMPFest.  The Day Retreats are actually not gone, that is where the Grant comes in for a Black Parent artist. 

So… in 2022… Our Focus is: 

  1. Monthly Zoom Readings: Feature Readings, Obsidian Theatre Festival and #BMPFest Semi-Finalists 
    • The core to our work is new play development, and in 2022, Blackboard will be supporting many readings this year on top of the production of our festival.  
      • Monthly Reading Needs
        • Artist Stipends: $900
        • Annual Zoom: $360
  2. Black Artist with Family Writers Grant
    • Blackboard wants to ensure that a Black parent or caregiver has the ability to focus on their family responsibilities and writing with the creation of a grant for a Black parent artist.  
  3. BMPFest Support: $10,000 / month 
    • Producing a Virtual festival takes a great deal.  We have many players on our team and we want the Black Motherhood and Parenting New Play Festival to continue and grow. 
    • This monthly support of $10,000 / month means our staff is getting paid their rates and our artists are experiencing a high quality artistic expression.

Nearly 14 years ago, nancy manocherian’s the cell gave Blackboard a name and the opportunity to exist.

Blackboard Plays’ goal is to continue with our core programming and to  extend more opportunities to Black Playwrights through featured readings, Instagram Live Interview, #BMPFest and continued partnership with organizations that share similar or complimentary missions.  

In pledging your monthly support to Blackboard Plays, we will be able to continue this work at a deeper level.  Showcasing the work of Black Playwrights around the world, who are sharing their stories.  We also want to introduce Black Playwrights with families and supporting those writers who have added a parental / caregiver responsibility to their lives.

A great way to take a look at what we have been doing over the years is to check out our Newsletter Archives!  In addition to our website, our newsletter archives give you a full sense of our history.

No matter what your monthly contribution, you can be absolutely certain that you are inviting another person to hear the work of a playwright who’s work deserves to be heard and added to the global experiences of our society.


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