Two ways to support the next stage of our podcast, “Playwright Conversations”!

In late 2015, Blackboard Founder, Garlia Cornelia began recording the podcast component of Blackboard Plays.  

To date, Garlia has interviewed Aurin Squire, Nikkole Salter, James Anthony Tyler and Nathan Yungerberg

But what’s next? …  The concern was quality.  A high quality podcast was the goal and after raising money for the first microphone, recording a little on the floor in closets or with guests on speakerphone, it still wasn’t there yet.

The better idea was to create a portable/mobile studio.  Garlia wanted each guest to be as comfortable as possible and that required being able to sit someplace with ease without the pressure of studio time limits and costly session fees.  

Also – Garlia has been on the hunt for a team for the podcast.  At the beginning of 2018, she posted on Twitter that she was looking for a podcast producer to work with in getting this off the ground.  The response she received was from a former colleague from Indiana University, now a professor in upstate New York whose husband was in radio and had been for over 20 years.


They spoke and he loved the idea and has been guiding “Playwright Conversations” into creation every since!  Most recently he listened to the raw episodes already recorded.  He knows and agrees with the quality we’re seeking for this podcast and that brings us to what we need for this next step: quality equipment.

The goal is $800.  We’ve raise $200 privately before approaching the Blackboard Community.  The remaining $600 would cover the equipment list created by our Podcast Consultant. (See the list below)

Zoom H5 Handy Recorder ($269.99)

Shure SM58 Handheld Dynamic Vocal Microphone (x2) ($99.00 each)

Sony MDR-7506 Closed-back Professional Headphones ($99.00)

If you’re doing the math, the remaining $233.01 will go towards other equipment: cables, a sturdy bag, and tabletop stands.

There are two ways to support Blackboard Plays and getting “Playwright Conversations” successfully into its next round:

1) Become our patron for as little as $1 / month for continued support.

2) Donate directly to Blackboard Plays via Fractured Atlas.

The feedback received on the already recorded episodes is “I want to hear more”.  We are excited to give this a proper start because the goal with this podcast is to allow you into the world of these writers and what has gotten them to this place. 

A common question that founder, Garlia Cornelia has received when speaking to students at the university and even the high school levels is “how did you get here?”… We want to demystify this process and emphasize the hard work of these writers and directors working with new writers of color.  Garlia has devoted her career to supporting Black and other underrepresented artists, but so have many of you and many of the supporters of Blackboard.  

This podcast is for us.

 We believe in your voice.  We believe in my own voice and the work we have done.

We cannot wait to put all of that on the table with this podcast while simultaneously making an example to our listeners, particularly students, the hard work artists put in everyday to both achieve their dreams and tell stories that speak to the human spirit while creating change.

Thank You for reading this.

Thank You for your support.