Black Marriage Negotiations

Rehearsals for Shoppin’ have been wonderful!  The cast is wired for this play and director, LA Williams has really put everything in perspective.   Our discussions at rehearsal have been exactly what this process who have included and what we all look forward to on Friday during our panel discussion.

Toccarra Cash (Guinivere) mentioned at our rehearsal last week that there was a video entitled “Black Marriage Negotiations” on YouTube – we watched it together at today’s rehearsal and once again, put everything in perspective for me about how pertinent this play is to what is happening right now.

Watch it – What do you think?


  1. cisco

    Wow, I love to reply to the video. I think black women are VERY strong and hold strong to there convictions. I LOVE THAT! Men try and walk over women too much and take advantage. I get ill to my stomach when I hear, “let a man be a man” or, “You have emasculated me!” What!? PLEASE! I think it’s the case that just about all non black women are and enjoy being submissive that is the cause for so many black men turning the cheek on there black women. Why is there all this talk about 50/50?

    I also believe that EVERY woman regardless of race, LOVES a bad boy, so this is a HUGE reason why so many black women end up with the Thug and the A-Hole. The video teeters on the extreme but I totally recieved the point. I am looking forward to seeing Shoppin:)

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