Seeking NY-based BIPOC performers who are mothers!

MEAT SUIT (tentative title) is an ensemble play, written & directed by Aya Ogawa, about the shitshow that is motherhood. The insanity, the chaos, the rage. The shit, the vomit, the blood and the piss. The loss of our bodies and our minds. Being middle-aged, having to parent children and parent parents. And the existential questions around why we even bother to perpetuate the species in the first place?Collaborating performers will be asked to bring their whole selves into the room — meaning, be open to sharing their own experiences of having and being a mother and a human being. The play might be performed in a wide range of styles — with a nod to the absurd (bouffon/mask/clown) to the dark & physical and naturalism — and hopefully will include music as well (grunge? hip-hop? punk?) Devising experience would be very helpful in this context — as well as a love of generating material, working compassionately and playfully without ego, and staying open to possibility.
Aya will be writing/directing, and they will have some non-performing collaborators in the room, including Sophie Amieva who is a bouffon artist, Leyna Papach, who is a composer (she might be zooming). The dream is that everyone who is involved in the project is a mom.
More about Aya here:

UPCOMING WORKSHOP: March 21-25 (Mon-Fri) 10am – 5pm (or some portion thereof)At The Mercury Store 131 8th Street, BROOKLYN (Gowanus)Pay is $750 for the week for collaborating performers
Contact Aya at [email protected] with H/R and relevant information.