I’m Black and He’s White, can we have a relationship

Hello blogosphere Peeps,

I’m doing a play this May 2011 at the cell theatre (338 west 23rd street, New York, NY,10011, Between 8th and 9th ave) called Baltimore in Black and White. The premise of the show is, you guessed it, issues with dating/ marriage btw Blacks and Whites. Now, before I go on, let me state, I’ve dated, african american, caucasian, asian and west indian men ( I may have left out a flavor). If he’s pretty and a respectable young man (this applies for going out on dates) I’m game. In theory, I am open minded about dating other races. I gather most people are but what about marriage?

I’m not as open minded about marrying other races. Before you launch out at and call me hypocritical, let me explain. In marriage you have to individuals/ companies coming together. That means different value systems, views on cleaning ( had to throw that one in), money, mental & physical health, how we raise our children, and how we were raised culturally.

We pick up a lot of how we function as individuals from our families. Those value systems come from how our ancestors spiritual beliefs or not, their level of education, where you grew up and socioeconomic status to name a few.

Throw in the fact that we are from different races and for the most part, different cultures ( and maybe class) you now have a major conflict on your hand.

Ask yourself a question. Do you think that you are smarter than some of your peers? What race are they?
What’s their education background? The list could go on but the point is, I’m sure some of you answered yes. Let’s take this into the realm of dating and then marriage.

No one wants to talk about gender superiority because we know it’s there. Women are still fighting the good fight but what about race superiority, romantically speaking? Let me know what you think. Remember, this is my opinion, not the gospel.

Be well.