Casting for After Greensboro by Deborah Goodwin

for the September 13, 2010 Reading

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by Deborah Goodwin
Crime Drama

“It’s twenty five years after Greensboro’s notorious 1979 massacre, where Klansmen descended on innocent civilians and opened fire, sanctioned by local police. Twin brothers, BRIAN and THEO are strangers to the town, looking for the father they never knew — a former Civil Rights lawyer who has become a fall-down drunk. Mistakenly targeted by the Sheriff and the underground Klan, for a crime they haven’t committed, the brothers find themselves depending on their estranged father’s mercy. While he must finally face down the truth that has kept him from knowing his sons — and hope that he can keep them alive.”

This is the fictionalized version of the aftermath of a true event that rocked a small North Carolina town and damaged many lives for years to come.
“After Greensboro” combines the personal tragedy of a family with that of a town and the contemporary questions of racism that continue to beg answers.


BRIAN (black 20’s recent parolee, a twin, he’s never felt complete without his brother Theo and resents all the implications of being the dark to his brother’s light.)

THEO (black 20’s taking a last road trip to reunite with his twin, before starting law school in the fall. Theo’s wants to tie up all loose ends before starting his new phase of life.)

BOOTHE (their white father, a former civil rights attorney 50’s a renegade, drinker, prejudiced and liberal tangle of contradictions living in the shadow of guilt.)

SHERIFF POLE (40’s black a lucid mind and steady hand)

SIMMS (young white deputy out to prove himself)

MUNCE, FRANK, PARKER (white 50-60’s former Klan, local business owners & retirees from the force)

RITA MAE (Theo and Brian’s mother, appears in flashbacks, black 30’s a former activist)

COOPER (white FBI informant)

BREE FORD (Munce’s daughter 16 yr old victim of a recent hate crime)

OFFICER RILEY (a white cop 30’s)

MERCIA (a mexican nurse late 20’s)

ALEX ( 17yr old skin head)

ZANE  & TED (16 year old punks)

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