Have YOU met Miss Yasha?

This is a really exciting time! Shoppin’ for N.I.G.G.A.S is happening in November and there is such an amazing group beginning to form for that event and for Blackboard!

I’d like to give a personal shout-out to Blackboard’s New PR Representative, Kym, who is already hard at work on this event!

There are no words to express how I felt from the craigslist response I got a few weeks ago! Since then, I have been interviewing and working with people to help us move forward.


As every good organization knows, funding is the key and we are no exception.

Shoppin’ is looking for Donors and Sponsors!

You can donate using this link to Indie GoGo

Donation Levels

$10 – Catalog Flipper Facebook, Twitter and Website shout-out  Unlimited

$50 –Window Shopper Thank You card signed by the playwright with original artwork by Becca Johnson and a poster autographed by MC, Amanda Diva. 25 Available

$75 – Browser A copy of all the you tube trailers on a DVD will be sent to you. 25 Available

$100 – Shopper A copy of the entire November 12th evening on a DVD, in addition, you will be listed on our website and in our program. 25 Available

$300 – Call My Personal Assistant A copy of the you tube trailers and the November 12th evening on DVDs will be sent to you. You will also be listed on our website and program.  20 available