Support Jordan E. Cooper and “Ain’t No Mo’ ” @ The Public Theater

Last February (2017), we featured Jordan E. Cooper’s “Ain’t No Mo’ “.  

This year we are pleased to share that “Ain’t No Mo’ ” is part of the Studio Series at The Public Theater.  Please support Jordan in the next phase of this play’s development!

Written by Jordan E. Cooper
Directed by Stevie Walker-Webb

Thursday, March 29 – Sunday, April 1

This season, Public Studio is giving audiences a chance to discover bold work from early-career playwrights.

AIN’T NO MO’ is an odyssey portraying the great exodus of black Americans out of a country plagued with injustice. In a kaleidoscope of scenes of the moments before, during, and after this outrageous departure, Jordan E. Cooper’s masterful new satire explores the value of black lives in a country hurtling away from the promise of a black president.

Stevie Walker-Webb directs this wildly imaginative and emotionally charged new play from the fresh perspective of young playwright Jordan E. Cooper. 


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