We’re raising $10K for our 10th Anniversary! DONATE Today!

We are almost 10!!!!

And to celebrate, our goal is to raise $10,000 dollars! Since 2008, Blackboard has been incubated by the cell and devoted to Black Playwrights throughout the African Diaspora. We’ve produced 1 play but have found our strength in our monthly reading series and hope to strengthen past year 10 with workshop readings and productions with a focus on development.  From our community nights to monthly features, we are here to serve Black Playwrights.  Let’s continue and thrive in our 10th year and beyond, not just survive.

 Consistency has been our strength.  10 years in one location in New York City could not have happened without with generosity of the cell.  Their incubation has been a unique gift that we know contributed to our longevity.  In recent years, we have worked towards our own goals of a podcast to highlight the work of former features and other Black artists within our community.  We have also been part of the C-MORE festival with the cell.  Which has been an opportunity for collaboration with other sister organizations and found us working closely with our friends at Liberation Theatre Company this year.  

So how do we get to $10,000???  

Well…that’s just one thousand people donating $10. While our official anniversary is September 8th , we will continue to fundraise until we reach our goal.

($10 dollars, is the suggested donation for admittance. If 10 is too much donate 5 and ask a friend to donate too!… we’re all about Community at Blackboard )

We are excited for our 10th year.  We appreciate and thank you for your continued devotion and belief in the work we have done and will continue to do that facilitates the conversation Black Playwrights have through their work of the diverse stories within the Black Community.