Live on our 4th Birthday!

Did you remember?! We’re 4 years old now!!

September 2008, we began with hopes of creating a community devoted to Black artists throughout the African Diaspora! It’s been a great couple of years, and we have the cell to thank!

We live-streamed at Monday’s Blackboard! It was a great addition and we’re hoping to continue. The hope is for Blackboard to reach as many people as possible!

Nathan’s play was a great way to celebrate our 4th birthday, because it emphasized something very important- Diaspora.

A large part of our mission is to portray Blacks throughout the Diaspora, in fact, one of the audience members was very touched, as he was a Black Brazilian and felt that those stories were rarely if ever told.

If you missed the reading, we still have the live stream, courtesy of Jerome Parker and his new channel “Emerge”!

Check it out!