Casting non-union actors for OFF THE REALNESS

Casting non-union actors for OFF THE REALNESS

a new play by Nick Gandiello

directed by Lucia A. Peters

to be produced at the New School for Drama as part of the 2011 New Voices Festival

Addy, a rough white kid from the suburbs, has earned himself a spot in a rap concert with hip-hop star K-Raise. If he can reunite with his estranged brother Ty and reestablish their rap duo together, he has a shot at a record deal. But when Ty starts questioning the violence in Addy’s lyrics, truths about the brothers’ past, identities, and hip-hop itself are explosively revealed, and Addy must decide how far he will go to prove that he is Real.


KWASI – Black. 18 or 19. Addy’s friend and DJ. A little guy with a big smile. Friendly, eager to please, and perhaps a little naive. He produces hip-hop for his love of the music, and makes no effort to be something he is not.

K-RAISE – Black. Late 20s. An up-and-coming rap star who intends to take over the hip-hop industry. Immense in physicality and behavior. Despite his wild bravado, deep wounds have made him discretely compassionate.

GRAY – Black, early 30s. K-Raise’s unofficial bodyguard and confidant. Big guy with jail time in his bones. He rarely sees the need to speak, and is confident and direct enough to secure the space around him with merely a look. Intensely loyal.

NON-UNION ONLY. Auditions by appointment only on Friday, 17 December. Rehearsals begin first week of February. Three performances TBA 30 March through 9 April. Please submit HEADSHOT, RESUME, and ROLE FOR WHICH YOU WISH TO BE CONSIDERED to

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