“Dolphins and Sharks”: March 2016 Feature

March 2016 Feature

We are pleased to feature James Anthony Tyler’s “Dolphins and Sharks” for a 2nd time!  You’ll recognize James from his July 2015 “Dolphins and Sharks” Feature and his August 2012 feature of “Some Old Black Man”.

Please note that this month’s Blackboard will NOT take place at our home, nancy manocherian’s the cell, but at The New School for Drama.

Feel free to Contact us with any questions or concerns!

Directed by LA Williams


Pernell Walker as Isabel Peters

Analisa Velez as Xiomara Yepez

DJ Daughtry  as Yusuf Nwachukwu

Sebastian Arroyo as Danilo Martinez


Lizan Mitchell as Amenze Amen



Isabel, Yusef and Xiomara work at a knock-off version of Kinko’s in Harlem. Promotions are rare. Raises are rarer. But when Yusef is given the chance to work his way up by spying on his co-workers, friendships are tested and loyalty turns out to be less valuable than cold hard cash in this searing new play about disadvantaged people colliding in a profit-hungry society.