DONALDO PRESCOD Interview (April 2013 Feature)


Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you write….

Born in Boston but mainly grew up in California. I came to nyc to attend grad school at The New School for Drama where I earned an MFA in acting. As of last year I’ve started to write consistently and now I can’t stop. Right now I have a handful of ideas and hopefully when they’re done I’ll have more stories to tell. As far as why I write, I know one reason is the joy of springing new and original work to the stage.

Why did you write this play?

I wrote this play for various reasons:

1. Hip-hop right now is in a horrible place so it felt good to write about the days when it wasn’t commercial and had much more to offer.

2. The challenge of writing a period piece.

3. My obsession with turntabilists and the life of a deejay.

How did you find Blackboard?

Through the magnificent and beautiful Garlia Jones-Ly. I remember when she started Blackboard. We were still in grad school together. And to see it grow gives me nothing but joy.

What is important to you about a community of Black writers?

The fact that there’s a community. I truly feel our work hardly gets recognized or produced in nyc and knowing there’s a community to voice our work is more than needed.

How do you want people to feel after they have heard this play?

I want people to feel nostalgic of old New York and re-examine the music they listen to.