Jerome Parker – Livestream Shoutout!

jerome-parkerSomething new happened at Blackboard this past Fall… and that something new was Jerome Parker.

I searched in my emails and found that Jerome contacted Blackboard in 2010 after an ad I had placed for a Production Assistant.

He re-“emerged” into our Blackboard world in September 2012 through Nathan Yungerberg, a wonderful playwright that has featured at the series.

Jerome has an incredibly giving spirit and it is so lovely to be able to share our readings with people across the web.  The Featured writers from out of town are able to include their families – which is an added bonus if they can’t make the trip to New York.

It is more than exciting that he has been able to offer this special service to our audience and we are genuinely grateful!  The Livestream genuinely extends our mission to tell the stories of writer throughout the African Diaspora!  Now with Jerome, we truly CAN reach everyone!

Check out his February 15th post on The Public Theater’s Blog: “More Adventures in Webcasting” (There’s a shout-out AND you’ll learn more about Jerome!)

Until next time!