With both Ferguson and Staten Island on our minds, the planning of Khalil Kain’s “Lambs to Slaughter” was purely coincidental.    Nevertheless, the customary talk-back following Kain’s reading will surely become a tangential discussion on both.

Blackboard is here for that and so we invite you to attend our reading tomorrow evening, Monday, December 8, 2014, 7:30pm @ the cell to hear the story of how one woman deals with her personal life following her son’s death at the hands of gun violence and contribute to the playwright’s process while dealing with your one feelings regarding the recent events in our nation.


Lambs To Slaughter tells the story of a mourning single mother living alone now in the city after the murder of her son Emmett. Her name is Joan. Time seems to stand still for Joan as she is overwhelmed by her grief. With help from her neighbor and best friend Athena and the care of her good friend Paul, Joan is able to wrestle with the memories of her son Emmett.  Like Athena and Paul, Emmett wants to make sure that his mother safely navigates her mourning process. The loss of a child will always be devastating, but the loss of a child to gun violence could easily be too much to bear for any parent. There is no escape for Joan. Or is there? Love and a life away from this dark place is offered to Joan by Paul. Can Joan learn to love with her broken heart? With the help of her friends and encouragement from her son, Joan is able to make the choice that allows her to live again.


W. Tre Davis as EMMETT

Tracie Franklin as JOAN

Pamela Monroe as ATHENA

$10 Suggested Donation