We sure know how to pick ’em – NIKKOLE SALTER

Nikkole Salter HSIn April of 2009, during Blackboard’s first year, we featured Nikkole Salter’s “Repairing a Nation” – it was Directed by Radha Blank.

Our April of 2011’s Featured Reading “featured” another of Nikkole’s play’s CARNAVAL.  It was our 1st ever repeat playwright in a “feature”.

I met Nikkole in 2005 during her run with Danai Gurira  of “In the Continuum” at the Perry Street Theater.

When you’ve stayed in contact with an artist like Nikkole in this city, I think that means something.  I am more than thrilled that Nikkole’s work has been with Blackboard from the very beginning and it is really exciting that CARNAVAL is being produced by Luna Stage from January to March.

Both of Nikkole’s plays that have passed through Blackboard live in very special worlds – check out the flyer, description and click the link to purchase tickets to the show January – March, 2013!

It is exciting to see what being part of this space for artists to have their plays featured can do.  It is not a dead end, but only the beginning!

We most definitely have the generosity of Nancy Manocherian, Kira Simring and the cell community to continually thank for believing in what we do.

~Garlia Cornelia Jones-Ly~

carnaval electronic flyer


A year ago in Brooklyn, two young men mourned the untimely loss of their best friend. In his honor they decided then and there that, despite their differences, no matter where life took them, they would take care of his younger brother and get together on the anniversary of his death to celebrate the life he should have had. So, on a cold day in the winter of 1996, these three twenty-somethings board a plane for Rio De Janeiro for a taste of the good life: sun, fun and, of course, women paid to serve – What better way to pay homage to a fallen friend? But what starts out as a joyride takes an unexpected turn and the three sex tourists find themselves in a situation that will change their friendships and their lives forever.
*Please Note: this play contains explicit content and language

Visit LunaStage.org for more info!