Inspirational rhythms

I love community nights! I love them for their unexpectedness! Monday, June 11th brought 4 new playwrights who presented their work.

The vibe was perfect, and as they entered the front door of the cell on 23rd -conversations started naturally. There is something so special about being in a room with new playwrights – new voices… Literally waiting to be heard!

Jonathan (@jonjarjo) was from Detroit – We exchanged emails a few weeks ago when he expressed interest in finding a community of artists where he could catch other artists. This was his first time presenting both his work and presenting work that he had written while on this two week trip out east. It was a modern day “Crowns”. He literally had been asking people about their hat stories!

Danielle (@danielleeliska) (also from Detroit) walked in and they had a mutual connection… In fact, she is how he found the series! Her piece felt mystical like a novel, rather than a play where the deep south and its customs

James, one of Danielle’s classmates from NYU brought pages from his full length, “Some Old Black Man”  In addition, one of the writers already on the schedule for 2012, Nathan Yungerberg, brought pages from the play we ended up choosing that will be presented in September.

There was a rhythmic feel to the night that was really exciting!

Almeria and I were very pleased with the work and the writers. The spirit was right that night and we hope everyone continues to keep in touch and encourage future work! Most importantly, we hope that those who attended come back to blackboard for the features all year long!