LaTonia Phipps – Featured Playwright – July 2013 – “Now Harlem…OR GENTRIFY THIS”

LaTonia Phipps is an Actor-Performance Artist-Educator and Playwright who was raised in Brooklyn, New York. MFA graduate of Brooklyn College. Phipps parents are of Caribbean, Latin and Southern Black American descent which heavily influence her storytelling.  Recently Phipps starred as the lead actress in Katori Hall’s “Children of Killers,” landing her a full page article in The New …

Get to know James Anthony Tyler – “Some Old Black Man”

BLACKBOARD: Tell us a little but about yourself and why you write….JAMES: I was born in California, but grew up in Las Vegas, NV. I’ve lived a few places Wilberforce, Ohio where I went to school at Central State University and Washington, D.C. – I studied film at Howard University in a MFA Program, and I lived in LA before moving here to New York.